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Workers Compensation Funding

Do you have a pending Workers Compensation case, but

Need CASH NOW to pay your bills?

Through no fault of your own, you may find yourself short of money, even for the basic necessities of life such as mortgage or rent payments, purchasing a new car, paying of medical bills - you name it!

We Can Help!!!  

We provide Workers Compensation Pre-settlement Funding, so you need not suffer financial hardship while you fight to get what you deserve!
The Workers Compensation Cash Advance funding process is fast and easy.  If you are ready to get started, check to make sure your state is listed below. and apply now.

Workmans Comp States

We can offer pre-settlement funding for Workers Compensation cases in many states. Please consult with your attorney prior to applying for a cash advance. The following is a list of states in which we can provide a cash advance against the future settlement of your WC claim.


Workers Compensation Cash Advances:  Fundable States*

AL Alabama IA Iowa NM New Mexico
AK Alaska KS Kansas ND North Dakota
AZ Arizona KY Kentucky OH Ohio
CT Connecticut LA Louisiana OK Oklahoma1
DE Delaware MN Minnesota SD South Dakota
FL Florida MS Missisippi VT Vermont
GA Georgia MO Missouri WA Washington
IL Illinois MT Montana WV West Virginia
IN Indiana NV Nevada WY Wyoming




*  For states not listed above, we cannot provide a cash advance unless there is a "third party" lawsuit.  An example of a third party lawsuit is as follows:

Joe Smith is injured in an accident while driving a truck for ABC Trucking Company. He has a Worker's Compensation case associated with ABC Trucking Company. If the accident was due to a defect in the braking system or steering system for example, he may have a third party lawsuit against the manufacturer of the truck.


1.  For Oklahoma, we can consider cases ONLY for Workers Compensation claims filed prior to January 1, 2014.