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Litigation Funding:  Law Firm Loans

Excalibur Funding is backed by large institutional funds that are available to finance contingency fee law practices. We have the resources to extend attorney funding and law firm loans on a scale unavailable from other litigation underwriters.

Contingency fees, being the financial support for your litigation, can create cash flow challenges as you use earned fees from one case to fund others. With attorney funding or a law firm loan, you have the ability to leverage expected contingency fees from active litigation as well as receivables. Attorney funding and law firm loans are based on the value of your cases, not on personal collateral or guarantees.

A law firm loan or attorney funding allows your firm to accept new cases with excellent potential for successful outcomes and eliminates the need to partner with a larger legal firm on major cases.

There are many benefits of choosing attorney funding or a law firm loan with Excalibur Funding Programs:

Substantial advances.

$25,000 to $350,000 advances available.  Smaller advances may be considered, contact us to discuss your particular situation.

Maximize case values.

Attorney funding or a law firm loan can give you the latitude to obtain the best quality expert witnesses, time to conduct breakthrough discovery and the ability to hire the personnel needed to manage litigation. With more and better resources, you can increase the potential for winning litigation or getting the best settlement.

Cash flow management.

Use attorney funding or a law firm loan for fixed and variable costs of your practice such as payroll and operating expenses or to pay down debt. With attorney funding or a law firm loan you can pay yourself and take on new cases before current litigation is settled.

Unrestricted use of funds.

Use attorney funding or a law firm loan to expand your business or even for personal expenses.

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