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Bextra Settlement Cash Advance

Do you have a settled Bextra lawsuit? We can offer a Cash Advance against your Bextra settlement. We can offer you a contract within hours after receipt of only a few documents from your attorney. After you return the signed contract, we immediately fund your advance against your Bextra settlement.

Bextra Settlement Required Documents

The documentation we will need from your attorney includes the following:

  • Proof of usage
  • Proof of Claim
  • Copy of Settlement Letter
  • Attorney Net Letter (short note from attorney stating net amount to you after attorney fees or other liens)

We do all the work for you.  We only need your permission to communicate with your attorney, and will request the required documentation from your attorney's office.

To get started, just give us a call or submit an online application to obtain an advance for your Bextra lawsuit settlement.  We will follow up with you to verify contact information, and obtain your permission to work with your attorney.

You can use the funding for any purpose.  We do not care about your credit, and will not perform credit or background checks.  The value of your Bextra settlement and your attorney's signature on the contract guarantees us that you have the ability to repay the funding.

This funding is not considered a loan against your Bextra settlement, and therefore has absolutely no effect on your credit score.  This is not a Bextra settlement loan, but a purchase of a portion of your Bextra lawsuit settlement for a discount.  Unlike a bank loan, there are no monthly payments.  We do not get paid until you do.

You have a Bextra settlement coming to you sometime in the future, but you could use a portion of that settlement right now?  Why wait?  Give us a quick call to find out what we can do for you.  Or you can get the process started yourself by providing some information with the Bextra online application.

Bextra case not settled yet?  We can still help!  Contact us to discuss your particular situation.  Or, APPLY NOW.

Approval Can Be Fast and Easy!

 We can begin working to get a Cash Advance against your pending lawsuit right now.

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