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What is the pricing schedule for a commercial cash advance?

Pricing for attorney funding or a law firm loan can vary greatly. It is more expensive than other avenues for capital, however, the basis for the higher pricing stems from the fact that investors are assuming 100% of the risk in funding which is secured only by the successful outcome of the case.

There are typically two types of fee structures: compounding interest, or "flat rate".  For a compounding interest structure, pricing is similar to personal injury plaintiff funding (3% -4% per month, compounded monthly) and depends on the types of cases and the risk of those cases settling.  For example, auto accident cases usually receive a lower rate than medical malpractice cases or slip and fall cases due to liability reasons.  Similarly, commercial pricing can vary due to type of case, as well as a variety of other factors such as venue, case maturity, etc.

"Flat rate" pricing structure, in contrast to the compounding interest type, is instead based on a multiplier for a specific time period, instead of an accrued interest rate. The table below is an example of how commercial funding pricing may be calculated on a $100,000 commercial cash advance:  The example is illustrative only, and is not necessarily the rate that would be charged for your particular case.

Term Multiplier Investment Recovery
0 to 6 months 1.4 $140,000
7 to 12 months 1.6  $160,000
12 to 18 months 2.4 $240,000
12 to 18 months 2.6 $260,000

Commercial Litigation Funding

Excalibur Funding Programs provides commercial litigation funding nationwide.  Our team includes highly respected and experienced professionals from nationally known legal firms and Wall Street financial institutions to professionally underwrite commercial litigation. We are accustomed to dealing with complex securities litigation cases that require a high degree of knowledge and expertise, and stand ready to assist you with funding. If your commercial litigation appears to be suitable for funding, we can make a proposal and enter into a contract immediately, which will be subject to a full due diligence case review.

An advance is based on the commercial lawsuit and how plaintiffs spend the cash advance is unrestricted.  They can use the funds to pay down debt, maintain or invest in their business expansion, or keep their personal finances and obligations in balance.  In short, they don't have to sacrifice their livelihood due to the financial burden that commercial litigation can place on them or their  business.

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