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Jones Act Presettlement Funding

Are you in a cash crisis while waiting for your
pending Jones Act maritime lawsuit to settle?

With a cash advance on your Jones Act
maritime lawsuit settlement, you can
relieve the financial pressure.

Through no fault of your own, you may find yourself short of money, even for the basic necessities of life such as mortgage or rent payments, purchasing a new car, paying of medical bills - you name it!

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We provide Jones Act Pre-settlement Funding, so you need not suffer financial hardship while you fight to get what you deserve!
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Jones Act

The Jones Act provides very high cash settlements, compared to Workers Comp, with either the slightest negligence or the unseaworthiness of a vessel.  Jones Act settlements should cover your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of household services and even your loss of enjoyment of life.  We are able to advance money on future settlements for Jones Act claims.

The Jones Act is a federal law that provides for claims by workers who are injured while in service to a vessel on navigable waters. Definition includes offshore oil drilling rigs and most barges, even those engaged in dredging. You may also be covered even if your injury occurred while in transport to the vessel, or while the vessel was docked. The term vessel includes boats, ships, barges, tugs, cruise ships, dredges, mobile offshore drilling units, helicopters and many others. You could be covered while staying in a hotel, eating in a restaurant, or if you are traveling under orders if you remain under the direction of your employer. If you were injured in the course of your employment and your injury occurred on or near the water, you should consult with an attorney knowledgeable about maritime law to determine if your injury is covered under the Jones Act.

Longshore - Harbor worker Claims

Jones Act claims are also different from claims brought under the Longshore-Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Unlike Workers Comp and Alongshore-Harbor Workers’ cases, there is no state or federal agency involved in the administration of Jones Act claims. LS-HW claims are similar to Workers Comp but the claims are handled before the U.S. Department of Labor.

Jones Act History

Since the beginning of the American industrial age, worker compensation laws, have protected business from employee lawsuits that may ultimately compromise the competitiveness. The Jones Act was enacted by Congress in 1970 in response to growing concerns regarding injuries occurring on seafaring vessels in and around the United States. Serious questions regarding jurisdiction, liability and the role of relevant worker's compensation statutes needed to be clarified, and the Jones Act was an attempt to deal with those technicalities. The Jones Act is a Federal Law that protects longshoremen and warehousemen from the dangerous jobs they face every day. Instead of being subject to the typical worker compensation laws, longshoremen and warehousemen are protected by the Jones Act. This federal law allows workers to sue their respective employers for pain & suffering, lost wages, lost income & future lost wages, all of which are not recoverable from a worker compensation claim. In many ways the Jones Act is similar to the Federal Employer Liability Act or FELA. Excalibur Legal advances cash to members of the International Longshoremen & Warehouse Union or ILWU or any other person that has been injured and has a valid Jones Act claim.

Jones Act Coverage

The Jones Act covers all employees working on a ship, rig, barge, crew ship recreational boat, floating crane, tanker or just about any other type of vessel that sits on water. Its protection extends to and governs the liability of vessel operators and marine employers for the work-related injury or death of an employee.

Although it may be too simple an explanation, Jones Act attorneys will tell you that this statute is similar to a basic negligence standard, in that injured employees can recover damages if they can show that the employers or the vessel in question in terms of its setup were a cause of said injuries due to unreasonably negligent acts, omissions or conditions

If you are a seaman with a Jones Act case, you may find that the process is long and that you need money to pay for on-going medical care and other living expenses. We understand the predicament of having to support a family until your case is settled favorably.  We offer settlement cash advances for Jones Act cases.   The cash advance is nonrecourse: if the case has an unfavorable outcome, you will owe absolutely nothing!

Jones Act Cases

Jones Act cases result from a federal maritime law that provides benefits to workers who are injured while working on a vessel. The Jones Act also makes provisions for the families of seamen who are killed in the performance of their duties. Under the Jones Act, a seaman and his family may recover against an employer for lost wages, future lost earning capacity, past and future medical expenses and damages for pain and suffering, as well as mental anguish.

Under the Jones Act and general maritime law, a case may be filed only by a qualified "seaman." The seaman must be on board a vessel "in navigation" at sea or in a body of water that is connected to interstate or international commerce when injury occurred. Additionally, the seaman must spend a substantial amount of work time on board the vessel.

Fishermen, cruise ship workers, ferry boat workers, tug boat workers, barge workers, oil platform workers, construction workers of vessels and barges, and commercial divers all can be classified as seamen under the Jones Act. Filing a case under the Jones Act can be complex and take some time before a settlement is reached. Let us provide you with the money you need while waiting for settlement. Contact us today at 800-996-5340 or via email at or fill out the online application and get started today!

Longshoremen & Warehousemen

Seamen, Longshoremen & Warehouse workers are constantly in the way of danger. Their jobs by nature ask them to work with heavy equipment, rough seas, strong winds, high heights and a myriad of circumstances that are potentially harmful. Offshore oil rigs are extremely dangerous because the decks are at extremely high heights to the deadly ocean below. If a worker is blown off the deck then they face almost certain death. Working on dock areas and warehouses can be equally dangerous to workers. Employees are working on scaffolding, heavy equipment, slippery floors and windy conditions on a 24 hour shift schedule. Just imagine working on the deck of an oil vessel that is caught in a storm in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the month of January. Seamen & Longshoremen would be forced to continue working in the cold rain & snow as waves pound the ship.

Many of the longshoremen and warehouse workers that are injured are members of the ILWU union and they receive special benefits such as disability insurance coverage, lost wage union benefits & healthcare coverage. In addition many of those covered by the Jones Act are in a relatively high income bracket and are able to live on their savings until they are able to return to work. For those longshoremen that have been injured and have a valid Jones Act claim they can obtain a cash advance against their pending settlement funds to pay necessary living expenses until their claim settles.

Z Card Carrier

A Z Card is a form of identification that shows a longshoreman is qualified and protected under the Jones Act federal law. If a longshoreman holds a Z card and he is injured it is virtually automatic that he will be protected by the Jones Act. Other longshoremen and warehouse workers may also be protected by the Jones Act but they will have to prove they were injured in the course of a dangerous job such as working on a busy dock or being out to sea

Cash Advance for Jones Act

The Jones Act is meant to protect seaman and you’re entitled to file a maritime lawsuit. The reality is, maritime lawsuits can be lengthy even if you have a great lawyer and can prove negligence or fault under the Jones Act. In the meantime, you may have already lost income and be facing a future with limited earning capacity. Plus the bills keep coming in.  Excalibur Legal Finance is backed by large institutional funds. We can provide  a cash advance so you can pay pressing bills, and your lawyer can keep working on your Jones Act maritime lawsuit. And you won’t feel pressured to accept a small offer to settle your Jones Act maritime lawsuit.

Receive a cash advance of $1,000 to $100,000

–FAST – often in 24 hours  after you Apply with your attorney's cooperation!

Repay only if you win your Jones Act maritime lawsuit.